There are advantages to transplanting your cannabis plants, and this transplant guide will teach you how to transplant your plants perfectly every time.
But why should growers transplant their plants in the first place? Why not just plant them in their final container from the beginning? The reason is that a proper transplanting regimen actually makes your plants grow faster in the vegetative stage!

Step 1: Fill new containers with soil leaving enough room for the plants root ball
(make sure that there is at least 1-2” of the main stalk under the soil line)

DSCN0447 [11586]

Step 2: Push gently on the sides of the pot so that the root ball becomes loose in the container, this is best done when the soil is fully saturated to avoid dropping soil and exposing roots to light and salty hands. Hold the main stalk in between your fingers as to support the potentially heavy root ball, then tilt the plant over until the root ball begins to slip free, remove the container.

DSCN0450 [11587]

Step 3: Fill in the container with soil gently packing it in around the root ball making sure there are no air pockets and that the soil is covering the main stalk 1-2 inches or until the plant is stable.

(larger plants may need additional support, stakes, cages etc)


Step 4: Water the transplant and surrounding soil thoroughly making sure to fully saturate everything as to not leave air pockets. (Air pockets can kill off root development and can also be a good place for bad fungus and bacteria to form.)

DSCN0453 [11590]

Congratulations! You now know the basics of transplanting a cannabis plant (or any plant) properly!