Stages of Growth

From seed to flower, these pages will cover the three main stages of cannabis growth as well as what to do after you harvest!

Propagation (Starting Your Garden From Seed or Clones)

Vegetative (Get Your Plants Growing at a Steady Rate)

Flowering (Where The Magic Happens)

Harvest (Reap What you Sow!)

Curing Cannabis Flowers

Plants placed in Veg will stay in Veg as long as they receive 16 hours of light or more and plants will Flower when that amount of light is taken down to 12-13. Controlling the amount of light that your indoor garden receives is very easy, you just need a digital timer.
For outdoor gardens you need to grow by season, in California most people have their plants in the ground or pots by the end of May so that they have time to Veg and then once the days get shorter (around July) most plants will be Flowering

Analog/Digital Light Timer
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