Starting from seed stock surely has its benefits. Plants grown from seeds have a tap root which allows them to dig much deeper into the earth or a pot in search of water and nutrients. Some tap roots have been known to puncture outdoor pots and find their way into the soil below! Furthermore, cannabis plants grown from seed have less of a chance of spreading certain plant based viruses such as the dreaded hemp mosaic virus. After all, who doesn’t love to plant a seed and watch it grow into a beautiful miracle of nature.
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Cannabis cloning is a great way to save genetics from a mother plant or to make a large number of plants quickly. Clones are taken by cutting a healthy growing branch about 1 centimeter from a node at a 45 degree angle. After cutting, dip the clone in a hormonal rooting gel and insert into a sterile moist rock-wool cube. Next, place the clone in a small pot under a low amount of light (CFLs, T5’s and LED’s work great) for about 4-10 days until they shoot new roots out of the cube. Plant immediately after roots show to prevent them from drying or rotting. A humidity dome is recommended to increase moisture availability while roots are forming.
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