Feeding your plants is one of the most important aspects of a happy healthy garden. You might consider going the easy way using a prepared bottled fertilizer that is designed to ensure that plants receive the essential nutrients required to reach their maximum potential at each stage of growth, these nutrients can be mineral salt, natural or organic based depending on the product. Some gardeners choose to use the TLO or True Living Organics method which means building your soil using high quality dry amendments such as worm castings, bat guano, mineral rock powder, blood meal etc to create the perfect living environment and support the plant along with the thriving ecosystem below the soil line, the TLO method will provide your cannabis plants with a healthy and steady amount of nutrients and can sustain even a large plant through harvest!

Mineral Salt Nutrients:
Mineral Salt Nutrients sometimes referred to as chemical or natural based these can come in both dry and liquid forms and are fed directly to the plant through the roots or leaf surface and generally do not leave too much room for the soil life to thrive, but at the same time it does not really need to because these salts are bypassing the composting element and going directly into the plants. These types of nutrients can often burn your plants if used improperly or too frequently!
Examples of Mineral salt based nutrients:
Miracle-Grow (not recommended for cannabis)
Advanced Nutrients (some people swear by this line)
Sea Grow
Maxi Grow and Maxi Crop
General Hydroponics
House & Garden

Organic (soup) nutrients:
Bottled organic nutrients fall into what some of us like to refer to as the soup category.  A soup is a mixture of one or more true organic or even organic based products, for instance, 15ml or one table spoon of Bio-Bizz Fish Mix (ground up fish liquid) to one gallon of water, that would be a soup but it would not provide everything your plants need for their life cycle, with that said you can mix two or more of these bottled nutes into your  mixing container to create a soup that is perfect for the current stage of growth.

TLO (True Living Organics)
This method is for the dedicated organic cultivator and requires that you pre-mix your soil at ratios perfect for the whole life of the plant from start to finish without having to mess around with measuring out pre packaged products. TLO was invented by a man named The Rev (the editor of Skunk mag) TLO produces a very fine tasty end product if you want to take the time and put as much love into your crop as possible, this is what we recommend!