Harvesting your cannabis flowers is in our opinions one of the most important aspects of producing a fine quality product. Once the trichomes are starting to display 70-80% ember and you are noticing yellowing and dropping of large fan leaves as well as your buds having a potent aroma, that means it is time to cut down and hang up your crop. To do so you will need a heavy pair of cutters and a place to hang dry, high tension wire to hang on as well as a dehumidifier! (if your grow space is humid or you live in a humid area or if you just have a lot of wet plants hanging at one time, a dehumidifier set at around 50% relative humidity can be your best friend!


Step 1: Make sure you have a dark, secure room or shed to dry your crop but make sure to take into consideration the space to crop ratio as to make sure not to run out of dry room. You will want to put up lines of sturdy wire or rope that will be used to hang individual plants or smaller branches that are about 1-2 feet apart if possible to allow enough airflow so mold does not grow.

Step 2: It is time to cut down! Simply hold the plant upright and cut the main stalk about four inches above the root ball making sure to not let any precious flowers touch the soil, then place into a basket or onto a tarp for transportation to the dry room.

Step 3: Remove the large fan leaves but keep the smaller water leaves to aid in a slower curing process. Hang your plants or individual branches upside down on your lines leaving about six inches between to avoid mold growth and to allow for even drying. The whole process takes about 3-5 days, during this time the dry room should be kept at around 50% relative humidity but some people prefer to go a bit lower at around 45% as to increase dry speed. Fans can be placed in the corners of the room facing the walls in order to provide some movement so that the air does not become stagnant. Once your stems and branches snap with pressure but do not break, then it is time to pull down and being the curing process.