Flowering Stage for Cannabis/ Marijuana 10/18/2016


Cannabis flower or Khola

The flowering stage is where the magic happens, plants in this stage will start to display the fruit of your labor and the buds of a healthy mature cannabis plant are surely something to behold. During this stage of growth your plants are going to need higher amounts of (P) phosphorous but will need some supplemental (N) along the way to prevent excessive leaf yellowing and dropping (yellowing is normal during the final flush and last few weeks of life) your timers need to be set to around 12 hours of light and 12 hours of uninterrupted dark (but some strains will actually flower with less darkness).

Once switched from the vegetation stage, you will notice the growth of male or female reproductive parts. Male stamens (pollen sacks) or female pistils (white hairs) will begin to appear after a few weeks. When growing from clones, males are typically not present and are more of a concern when growing from seeds. With female cannabis flower, these hairs will have become engulfed by flower structure (calyxes) which will be covered in resin and resin caps (trichomes).

At this point (around the 3rd week) you should start checking trichome development with a jewelers loop or hand microscope. When you see that 75-80% of your trichome structures have changed from cloudy white to amber color then it is time to harvest and cure! People also harvest when about 50% -75% of pistils have turned orange/ red. Some sources believe that earlier harvested cannabis tends to have more of an uplifting effect when trichomes turn from clear to cloudy white and are not amber in color.

Male Stamen (Pollen Sacks)


Sexing Female Cannabis: Early sex is normally noticed 1-2 weeks after switching the lights to 12-13 hours. Look for 1-2 white hairs emerging from a small bulbous area at every inter-node these are called Pistils. This is the easiest way to verify females early on. (You can not tell a male from a female by height, or growth characteristics.) 3-6 weeks after turning back the lights, your plants will be covered with these white stigmas emerging from every flowering site of the plant. It will literally be covered with them. These are the maturing flowers, as they continue to grow and cover the plant.  Now the plant will start to ripen quickly, and should be ready to harvest in 2-3 weeks.

 Female Pre-flower (pistils)


Maturing Female Flower at 4 Weeks


Maturing Female Flower at 6 Weeks DSCN0181


12 hours ON, 12 hours OFF (some strains will actually flower better if given 13 hours!) Red/orange spectrum (HPS, red LED’s, etc)

Green Light (during lights off) Green LED lights can be used during the night cycle so you can continue work on your garden even after the lights have shut off or the sun has gone down , this creates no negative reactions from the plants. Personally, I like my garden lit from 7pm to 7am, since it allows me to visit the garden at night after work and in the morning before work, and all day long, while I am too busy to worry about it, it lies unlit and undisturbed, flowering away.





More (P) Phosphorus (example 0-5-2) <<Organic/Mineral Salt Solution>> 0-17-10

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