Cannabis/ Marijuana Cloning Techniques 09/27/2016

Cannabis/ Marijuana Cloning (for educational purposes and where legal)

Cannabis cloning is a great way to save genetics from a mother plant or to make a large number of plants quickly. Clones are taken by cutting a healthy growing branch about 1 centimeter from a node at a 45 degree angle. After cutting, dip the clone in a hormonal rooting gel and insert into a sterile moist rock-wool cube. Next, place the clone in a small pot under a low amount of light (CFLs, T5’s and LED’s work great) for about 4-10 days until they shoot new roots out of the cube. Plant immediately after roots show to prevent them from drying or rotting. A humidity dome is recommended to increase moisture availability while roots are forming.




What You Will Need

  • A “mother” plant to take cuttings from
  • Sharp pair of scissors or a razor blade
  • Rockwool cubes or other rooting medium
  • Cloning gel (or powder)
  • Low wattage grow lights – CFLs work great, other grow lights can be used if kept further away, or sunlight will also do the trick
  • (Optional) Aeroponic Cloning Machine OR
    Standard Humidity Dome (7″ Vented Dome & Tray)
  • (Optional) Heating Mat

Take about a 4-5 inch healthy growing branch and cut it off at a 45 degree angle, after this you should strip any small leaves off of the branch leaving just the top few large leaves.

Quickly dip the cut tip into rooting gel or powder and then gently push into your rockwool cube or other rooting medium.

Cover with a humidity dome (optional) and place under blue spectrum florescent lights. Make sure that your rooting medium stays moist but not wet for 5-10 days or until there are visible new roots poking about, then its time to transplant into your soil or hydro containers.

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