Curing Flowers (Updated) 06/05/2016

Curing is an essential process when processing high quality cannabis flowers. It’s a rather simple concept, but it might take a bit of care and practice to perfect it. If cannabis flowers are not properly cured then they’re quality could become degraded from over drying or even worse ruined from mold and mildew and they will never taste or smoke right. After the cannabis flowers have been hung to dry for 4-8 days (see Harvest) and are manicured they will need to be placed into air-tight containers and put in a dry, cool, dark environment with an ambient temperature of around 20°C (68°F) as THC and other cannabanoids can and will be degraded when they come in contact with heat and light reducing the overall quality of the product.

Burping: Burping cannabis is a very simple process, and is done by cracking open the lid and allowing them to air out for about 25-30 minutes once every 24 hours for the first few days, and then once every 48 hours for the following week or so. After this burping can safely be done once a week or so until the cannabis curing process has completed. If the container is not burped at all or often enough then the buds may become overly moist, moldy and stale. A tell tale sign that curing cannabis buds are still in need of more burping is that they will most likely be slightly moist and/or have a smell similar to that of fresh grass clippings.

Storage: After the burping process has been completed and no more moisture is present. The cannabis flowers should be slightly less green in color and have developed a slightly more refined pungent aroma depending on the variety. They can now safely be sealed in air-tight containers to be stored in a dry, cool, dark environment with an ambient temperature of around 20°C (68°F). THC can degrade rapidly when exposed to temperatures above 30°C (86°F) and may be kept in a fridge or freezer to help avoid the loss of quality, and also lengthen the shelf life of the flowers. The curing process is complete after the buds have been kept in the above mentioned state for several weeks or months. Once the cannabis heads have cured properly they will have developed a very pungent refined aroma. Again depending on the particular cannabis strain they will also develop a cleaner, smoother taste and high as most of the chlorophyll and other impurities have also been removed from the buds by this stage. Cannabis may be kept in storage within air-tight containers in a dry, cool, dark environment with an ambient temperature of around 20°C (68°F) for years without loosing too much THC through degradation. If the cannabis has been vacuum sealed there should be no further THC degradation as no oxygen is present to assist with the breakdown of THC. Light will still affect the quality so the cannabis heads must be stored within a dark environment.

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